Entrepreneurial Dilemmas and Ethical decisions: the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the blogship Pointofew.


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What does this blog standing for?

Entrepreneurial Dilemmas and Ethical Decisions: our final frontier. These are the voyages of the blogship Pointofew.

This is our mission: to explore though entrepreneurial dilemmas, to seek out a new moral way of leadership and create a new breed of entrepreneurial civilization, to boldly explore new points of view which few entrepreneurs has explored before.

Why to read this blog?

All entrepreneurs have dilemmas but not all of us can, by default, answer them in an ethical way. We try our best. But doing so requires planning and moral effort due to competing pressures, short-term thinking, and human flows.

By reading this blog you will learn lessons learned the hard way by many entrepreneurs, leaders and business people over long periods of time. You will explore different points of view and even learn how to take ethical decisions and how to approach some of the dilemmas you face.

Long-term ethical entrepreneurs and leaders outperform unethical ones because:

  • Earn good will in the community
  • Enjoy higher levels of followers responsiveness
  • Attract high quality followers and business relationships
  • Have greater trustworthy information for decision making
  • Increased flexibility from stakeholders in times of emergency
  • Be a better person and create a better world.

Who am I?

Dragos C. Tranca, MBA Business Value Adviser Pointofew Inc.

Dragos C. Tranca, MBA Business Value Adviser
Pointofew Inc.

I am Dragos [dra-gosh] Tranca, but you can call me Doug, it is easier, an entrepreneurial minded business professional, student of life, business dilemmas practitioner and passionate world observer.

Training, coaching and business consulting with various companies in USA and back in Europe it is my usual way to make a living. But life is better than the cinema movies, so… I master the ancient art of irrational decision-making and I had quite a few ethical glitches along the road. Almost as everybody else’s. Just bigger!

And because I am a status quo challenger by nature, one day I said to my self: “it have to be a better way to approach entrepreneurial and leadership dilemmas”

So I’ve started this blog. To contribute. To learn. To connect with people eager to share real stories. To tap into our collective wisdom. And to sleep better at night.This blog  is dedicated to starting discussions, not ending them.

Btw don’t take it too seriously it’s just about saving the world by it self …

Doug out!

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